Monday, March 12, 2012

Ms. Perez

My dreams coming true, my dreams coming true!!!!!
Today, I was officially accepted into the Fall 2012 Early Childhood Cohort, and my day couldn't get any better than this. My mind is swirling with so many thoughts right now, it's really hard to contain my excitement. I can't stop thinking about how my future classroom will look, or where I will be placed during the next two years of college.

I am just in the clouds right now, taking in all that is joyful. I CAN'T WAIT to use these letters for my classroom that my wonderful boyfriend made me. Now, all I have to do is paint/decorate them!! I'm thinking of doing a collage or yarn wrapping...we'll see how that turns out since I'm so crafty....

One of my fabulous christmas gifts this past year was a flat bin, with tons of decorative options for my future classroom. Each year, the bin will be filled up more with other ideas to fill my classroom with.  This past year, I got a giant grading book that also came with tons of activity worksheets to make copies of. There was also borders for a bulletin board, and the theme was tropical (my favorite). It had monkeys, bananas, and the rainforest throughout the pictures!! There was also a large-lettered sign to put up for my first day of class that can spell anywhere from kindergarten-5th grade...but I'm really leaning towards Kindergarten. God, really has planned out this life for me that humbles me to falling on my knees. When did I ever think that my plans were better than what God had planned for me? I feel as if EVERY week, God shows me something else that says, "See? I created this world. I created life. I created YOUR life. So why don't you leave it up to me to do the planning. I know what a magnificent life looks like, and I want that for you." God is good.