Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"You Can't Play Cards Here"

On this fine long weekend, I got to hang out with these wonderful people in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.
Our original plan was to go skiing in Boone, Nc, and this was going to be James' gift to me for my 21st birthday!!! (best boyfriend award right??) But.... there was a quick change in plans when the warm front came in and the majority of the snow turned muddy. We were bummed because Emily and I had never been skiing and were really excited about it, but that didn't stop us from finding something adventurous to do.
On Friday, James and I loaded up the car when he got off work, and headed to Lilburn, Ga to pick up Derrick and Emily (we also headed to Lilburn only knowing we are going to Asheville with no other details....ahhh panic). We headed to Asheville and stayed in a boys camp, thanks to Emily's connectionsssss!!!! AND it was freeeee. SCORE.
Saturday we headed in to the city to find exciting local restaurants and cool mountain shops. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was exciting, and there were too many dreads on heads to count (yes I'm referring to dreadlocks. It's just cooler to refer to them as dreads, well at least that's what I heard). We then headed to the beautiful Grove Park Inn and walked around to catch glimpses of the breathtaking view.
How beautiful is this place?! STILL the perfect birthday getaway.
By dinner time we were winding down and the boys were dying to take Emily & I to this place called the Grey Eagle to eat to-die-for hush puppies and listen to mumford & sons type music. I was pumped. I love the idea of chowing down on a bunch of appetizers while listening to live music. We arrive...and...well it went a little different as planned.
1. I get the mark of hey-you-aren't-21-so-let-me-black-sharpie-all-over-both-hands
3. We walk in and we are the only people there...besides the cook and bartender
5. We have two hours before the band starts to play
......then we had the brilliant idea to play cards..pitch to be exact. Just a little harmless competition between girls & boys. Then the following hostile man comes into the picture.
(bodyguard with bald head, glasses, and sleeve tattoos leans over our little table of four): "Um. You guys can't play cards here."
(one of us laughs): "Are you serious?"
Bodyguard: Yes. (sternly)
Emily: (laughs) "We've been playing for the past 30 min. and no one has said anything to us."
Bodyguard: (bobble head )"WELLL, I am TELLing you now."


Long story short...that little mess set James over the edge, and he had no problem walking straight up to the bartender and letting him know how our experience had gone that night at the Grey Eagle while taking his tab back. We walked right out the door, but not without asking for our money back for the show.

As we drove away we started coming up with "what we should have done" scenarios which involved James fake crying, punching the bodyguard AND bartender, and asking the bodyguard to join in our game, which left us all in tears of laughter, which made out for a great night. We decided to end our night at a local coffee shop and tasted some heavenly hot chocolate. 
The next day we woke up thinking we were going to spend the day hiking before we went home, (obviously we thought a lot of things during this weekend that went differently) but ended up walking around the little town of Black Mountain, and venturing in to probably one of the most beautiful college campuses I've ever seen at Montreat College.
After this visit, we jumped in the car, made a pit stop at the Tanger Outlets, and headed home just in time for Revenge!!!

mmm. My weekend is complete.