Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Second Home

Tomorrow, James and I are road tripping to the place my heart loves the most, Hilton Head, South Carolina. My second home. Although, I have many "homes," this island, holds a place in my heart that no matter how hard other cities and towns try to squeeze in, there will always be a space for Hilton

I grew up going to Hilton Head every year for the week of July 4th, and the memories are ones that I will cherish for a lifetime. We have missed going the past couple of years due to things like being on summer staff in Colorado, or just deciding to change up vacations, but this year we are back in action and I couldn't be more thrilled! Although, when we go, we tend to eat at the same restaurants, visit the same shops, and stay at the same places, (almost as if it's ritual), the redundancy is left behind when we arrive. I could visit the same Harbor town, with the same red and white lighthouse every year because of all of the many flavors of emotions I feel.
 I am overflowing with excitement on top of everything because this year I have the pleasure of bringing James!! Yay! (might I add, I have never taken any other person on this vaca.) I can't wait to share all about this week and all the new memories we made!!

Whether it's a cookout, a lake trip, a beach trip, or any other festivities you and your friends might be having, I hope everyone is safe and enjoys this fun filled week. Happy 4th of July!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cold Tangerines

I haven't been on this baby in quite awhile. Looking back through old posts from this time last year, my summer has quite a different feel than last. Last summer was filled with taking my first trip to Charleston, taking YoungLife friends to Windy Gap, being out in Colorado for a month while I was on summer staff at Crooked Creek Ranch, and everything in between. This summer I have a lot more down time, and a lot more me time.

I am currently curled up in my apartment, in Milledgeville, watching the rain pour like I've never seen, whilst watching E news and a mug filled with coffee ice cream. Many would read and think, wow that sounds peaceful and cozy. is. And I am SO thankful for this moment right now. This summer hasn't been one that I thought it would look like, but after reading, "Cold Tangerines," by Shauna Niequist, I have tried to discover the little celebrations in my day to day even if it is that E news is on and I'm obsessed with Guiliana Rancic and I want to cut my hair again because of her even though I would never forgive myself if I actually went through with it. Mrs. Niequist has taught me that celebrations don't just have to be when we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and the end of school (even though those are WONDERFUL to celebrate!). Celebrations can be about having a cold tangerine, and that is what I am discovering. Within the past month, these are some celebrations worth sharing.

I spent the month of May with my very best friend and we love to celebrate with chikfila ice cream
Dinner with friends before many move away
Spent a lovely night at the Marietta square when some of my friends and I sat down next to THIS.
When Derek and Kari Beth became Mr. and Mrs. Chitwood!!
seeing old but beautiful friends
Road tripped from the wedding all the way to Nolensville, Tennessee, (my new favorite town), to surprise James' family!! I also got to finally meet Abiella, one of THE greatest bundles of joy to celebrate!!
Arrington Vineyards with the Mcconnells, wine never tasted so good.
my handsome boyfriend is always worth celebrating

What are some of the little things you've found in your every day life worth celebrating?