Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Glance into "5th grade" Me

Before I share about our trip to Hilton Head, I will share a little email I received from my dad a couple of days ago. He had recently discovered an old email that I had sent to him way back in 2002.

Here's 5th grade me...can you find me? Yes. far left with the baby blue pajamas.


hey dad!  heres a list of my favorite things u were wanting.
*favorite food: brownies, candy, popcicles, corn, and cheese dip
*favorite flower: tulips and roses
*favorite song: sadie hawkins dance, when i call on Jesus, complicated, sk8r boi, and everywhere
*favorite color: blue and green
*favorite movie star: Jennifer Aniston and Amanda Bynes
*favorite movie: Big Fat Liar, Princess Diaries, tuck everlasting, and sweet home alabama
*favorite store: LTD2, Bath and body works, and ZainyBrainy
*favorite role model: Lindsey, Whitney and Brittney Boyd, Mary-kate and Ashley
*favorite show: Lizzie Mcguire, Boy Meets World, American Dreams, and So Little Time
*favorite subject: math, PE, Bible, and recess
*favorite teachers: Mrs.Casady, Mrs.Wilder, Mrs. Malone, and Ms.Stinson
*favorite sport: soccer and cheerleading
*favorite animal: Penguin
*favorite name: Jeff and Hannah
*favorite bible character: Matthew, Luke, and Jesus

Obviously, there are some things that haven't changed among my favorite things, but I will leave that to you to figure out what those are or aren't.

Stay tuned for the most memorable trip to HHI yet. Including a broken bone, thunderstorms, a smashed face, and that's not even the half of it.