Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everything's bigger in Texas

I guess I've always grown up going back and forth between Texas and Georgia, so I haven't ever had the outside perspective of what people think who haven't been to Texas before, until a conversation with my best friend.  She asked me what Texas looked like and I'm pretty sure she had this in mind...

or this...

I mean...I guess that's what happens when you type "Big Texas hair" in google, so maybe some of that is true. But not entirely!! Texas is cool. Texas is cool because of many reasons, and one being my family lives there.  This past weekend I got to go on a short trip to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Let me repeat that FIFTY years of marriage!! Now that is awesome, and what's even sweeter was the heartfelt conversation I had with my nana about the development of their sweet sweet relationship leading up until marriage. Talk about holding back tears.

We spent quality time eating good food, catching up, and looking through old embarrassing's one that was a little scary...

Meet my dad. At the ripe age of 17 (left). Meet my boyfriend. At the age of 21(ish). (Right)

Scary huh. These shirts are oddly similar. I'm not sure whether to laugh or be scared. o well. My two favorite men enjoy similar styles? I guess that's how I'll leave it.

In other and my big brother were clearly livin the good life during the elementary days.

Overall. My weekend was ballin. I loved everything about it. I hope your weekend was as good as mine :)


ps. ADPi's are the basketball champions for greek week!!!!!!! You can read about that Here!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring blog makeover maybe it's not a complete makeover, but I'm trying to establish a cool blog that people get excited about seeing.  Maybe thats a bold statement...but you know everyone thinks it, why else would you decorate your blog in fun ways?! anywho...I hope you like my new look!!! I'm stoked about it. My favorite color is orange, I love polka dots, and I LOVE cute birds like THEEESSE!! Maybe I'm a little too excited about this background, but I'm stepping up in the blog world with this new and improved look. I feel like things will only get better from here!! Okay..maybe a little dramatic, but hey, everyone has a little drama queen in them somewhere, mine just might come out in my blog.

I also changed the title, I thought this title suits my blog well.  Maybe sometimes my posts are a little less casual but for the most part, I like the word casual. I somehow feel peaceful when I say casual. Its just...well...casual.

If you have any cool blogs tips. PLEASE tell me. I'm open for anything, I want to learn!!

Have a casual weekend.

xo Mer

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vida Joven

After 8 long days in the Dominican Republic, I am back in America.
  Things are different. 
Mostly different in my mind, but things are different. 
This wasn't my first time going out of the country, but was the first time I experienced the things I did.
19 of us helped contribute to the building of Pico Escondido.
Pico Escondido means Hidden Peak.
The pictures don't do it justice.
It was breathtaking, in every essence of the word.

We shoveled. We dug through rocks. We raked. We made cement. We made mortar. We drilled.
Personally, It was hard physically, but it was also hard mentally.
I dealt a lot with lies of the enemy being fed through me, and was discouraged at times.
I learned a lot about myself this past week.
How I handle situations & how I handle people.
I learned what I need to work on & what some of my strengths are.
I learned a lot about God's word & how true it is when people say that scripture is 'God breathed'.
I learned the true meaning of Colossians 3:17.
I learned to "just be".
I learned to live simply. 
In my opinion, living simply is one of the most refreshing ways to live life.

I was reminded time & time again how loved I am by so many people.
I believe we wrestle with things to allow us to persevere.
James 1:3-5
Back in Milledgeville, Georgia my mind is a little different.

For the lovely person that made up this name. I will sign my post this way for you.
Mer cat