Friday, September 28, 2012


Now my last two posts have been about celebrities, but I'm not apologizing for it. These are real people, and these are my real feelings that I need to heres to my love of Katy. Katy Perry that is.

I recently watched the Katy Perry with one of my dear friends Jacqueline. We ended up falling even more in love with this genius of a person and shed a few tears along the way. I've always loved her voice and her songs are ALWAYS the go to songs in my car with the windows down when I'm driving with or without people. She's always seemed a bit odd to me, but now I know why. Her parents were a little coo-coo.

Katy didn't just come up out of nowhere with a one hit wonder, she started from the ground up. One label Katy was at didn't believe in her originality, and so they let her go. One lady that worked for this label stole the files to Katy Perry and took them to Capitol Records which is where she is now signed to making the big bucks. Sucks for Columbia records.

I mean who looks good in blue hair?

Katy does.
Who looks good with pink hair?
Katy does
I will say she is a little strange at times, but I just think she is adorable.

She not only can pull off anything, she also is extremely talented as an artist. Katy Perry was the FIRST female with FIVE number 1 U.S singles from one album (second in history). I'm pretty sure the first person ever to do this was Michael Jackson. I'm impressed. Are you impressed now?

Friday, September 21, 2012


Okay. I am a BIG fan of celebrity news and reading alll about the celebrity lifestyle, and one of my favorite things to do is watch Enews with Giulianna Rancic when I get the chance to. I will admit...sometimes it seems like it would be a really fun thing to live like certain celebs just for one day. ONE DAY. Being a celebrity isn't something I'm striving to be in life...I mean it's whatever....but one time or another I dream. My guilty pleasure is watching interviews of my favorite stars and feeling as if they are really talking to me.

The past couple weeks, my friend & I have grown a slight obsession with the new shocking news of Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds having a secret wedding. Ever since she was in this movie...
and he was in this movie....
I have come to love these two hot people separately.
Ryan, is the greatest looking man in hollywood. Ryan also has the greatest sarcasm. Ever since Ryan starred in THIS movie....
I bought this movie, and now, in my apartment we have not one, but TWO copies.
I can't get enough. Just LOOK at these two.
Flawless. And to top it off they got married in Charleston, SC where the notebook was filmed!? I mean seriously, this is just too much for me.

okayyyyy one more.
im done.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The past two months of my life have probably been the busiest, craziest, stressful, exciting months in my whole life. I started student teaching 4th grade for seven weeks with a full 18 hr course load!!!! ahhh all I can think about right now is sleep. Someone please give me sleep!!!! here are some pics to summarize some of the craziness while I work on a lesson plan......
Reunited with my sweet friends
My big & my saving grace
drove to athens with these fools to see sean play
my sweet luc came with us to athens too!
never ending dates with my adorable friend kelsey
Lucy turns 20!!!!!!!!!
Forever roomie. Forever besties. Forever blake reynolds fans.
went to younglife beach retreat in ocean isle, north carolina!!!
THIS GIRL (left) came into town for a short and sweet visit!!!! COME BACK!! and beautiful tiana on the right :)
Always & forever with my little tatum.
Happy tuesday!!! XX