About me

I grew up in Marietta, GA and went to the same school my entire life.  When I say my entire life, I mean from when I was 3 years old, till I graduated from high school.  It was fun until about the 10th grade. I have two brothers, one stepbrother, and two stepsisters.  We have a big family, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I am currently an Early Childhood major at Georgia College, and I can not wait to be teaching on my own and having my own classroom full of little ones.  I would love to teach kindergarten because this age makes my heart melt.  Kindergarten is the foundation for these students to learn, and I would love to be a part in building it. I am an ADPi & really enjoy being a part of something that I feel is almost like an old lady secret society.  This is true, but not quite, because all of our supposed "secrets" are usually found out by my guy friends on the internet.  It's worth it to think that no one knows our secrets though.

Being at a small school my whole life, I never really opened my mind up to what could possibly be outside of this bubble I lived in, and let me just tell you, now that I'm on my own outside of it all. I. LOVE. IT.

I hope to start teaching as soon as I graduate, but keeping my fingers crossed because of the economy.  I also would love to travel and see...America. Really guys, I love to travel outside of the U.S, but come on, there are so many states I haven't visited, and I would love to see them.  If I weren't going to school to be a teacher, I would without a doubt go to cosmetology school to do hair. I am, how you would say..um..OBSESSED with it.  Whether it's the cut, the color, the style.  Everything & anything about hair I am infatuated with it.  I could ramble about this...but hey maybe I'll just write a whole post dedicated to it.