Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring blog makeover maybe it's not a complete makeover, but I'm trying to establish a cool blog that people get excited about seeing.  Maybe thats a bold statement...but you know everyone thinks it, why else would you decorate your blog in fun ways?! anywho...I hope you like my new look!!! I'm stoked about it. My favorite color is orange, I love polka dots, and I LOVE cute birds like THEEESSE!! Maybe I'm a little too excited about this background, but I'm stepping up in the blog world with this new and improved look. I feel like things will only get better from here!! Okay..maybe a little dramatic, but hey, everyone has a little drama queen in them somewhere, mine just might come out in my blog.

I also changed the title, I thought this title suits my blog well.  Maybe sometimes my posts are a little less casual but for the most part, I like the word casual. I somehow feel peaceful when I say casual. Its just...well...casual.

If you have any cool blogs tips. PLEASE tell me. I'm open for anything, I want to learn!!

Have a casual weekend.

xo Mer


  1. I'm a fairly new blogger, too, but my best tips thus far would be to add photos (everyone loves a visual!) to any post you can, and to just be yourself! Write about what's important to you and interests you, and it will be genuine and appealing! :)
    Happy Friday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. Love the new look Meredith!!!!!!

  3. Super cute! Feels like summer!!! :)