Friday, December 14, 2012

Jingle Jam

My mom won tickets to star 94's Jingle Jam concert & she invited me!! I wasn't sure who many of the artists singing were until they actually were singing their hit songs, but it ended up being a lot of fun! Who knew this british guy named Ed Sheeran was a teen heart throb (seriously, I had no clue I could experience the screams I heard when his name was even mentioned), and who knew the latest American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips was someone I actually really enjoyed listening to.
For any of you that don't know what Jingle Jam is, it is a concert that is put on by star 94 radio, and they ask 6 artists to perform 5 or so songs, and the last person sings a whole set list. This lucky one that sang their whole set was none other than Ed Sheeran. Seriously guys, ha I had no clue who this guy was and yet my ears were ringing the screams were so loud. Now, the 6 artists that performed (in order) were: Andy Grammer, Grace Potter, Alex Clare, Phillip Phillips, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheeran.
We got to sit in the club level!!
Grace Potter killin it.
Phillip Phillips
On top of the awesome people watching at a place that supports many different tastes in music, the middle-aged women dancing around us to the one and only rockstar Grace Potter all the way to the "Ginger Jesus" Ed Sheeran...I('m serious guys...that quote was on a poster by two teenage girls), it was quite a show & I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This was when J Mraz asked everyone to turn their phone lights on, it was soo pretty.

Now I will leave you with a new favorite song of mine...


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  1. Okay your post made me laugh because I didn't know any of them either (except Jason Mraz and Phillip Phillips). I linked your blog on mine so that I can keep up with you. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Your boyfriend is so cute! Want to meet him!!!