Monday, December 10, 2012


Life lately has been quite peaceful; filled with lots of sleep and the people that warm my heart. 

Everyone meet my boyfriend. 
Wearing some sort of santa/pimp hat, casually drinking starbucks with an oh-so-loved shirt of his that has "plenty of holes to tell plenty of stories", so he says.
This wonderful boyfriend of my mine just so happened to take me to the Nutcracker and sit through a ballet where I soaked in the elegance, grace, and beauty of it all. There were around 30 little girls as mice, gum drops, lamb chops, and so on...and we couldn't get over how adorable they were. James was cackling so hard at one point, this lady turned around to see what was going on (apparently The Nutcracker isn't supposed to be funny). These little girls were waving at their parents, running back and forth, and just looking as precious as they could be.
The next day, I packed up my car and headed home for a long but needed month of Christmas break. James came along for the weekend, and we ended up going ice skating with a college group from a church that his best friend is an intern with. Although ice skating isn't something I die to do, it was definitely memorable...
As you can see, they are professionals, and they were getting plenty of looks from people petrified they were going to run in to them.

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