Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Starting my first blog, I wasn't planning on writing my first post on Valentine's day...and yet here I am...staring at my computer trying to take in all of the facebook statuses, tweets, & instagram pictures of everyone out there who has a valentine.  Then we have people who fall under the category of not having a valentine, which is fine too.  I personally love the statuses of people who don't have valentines and say things like...

"Some call it Valentine's day, I call it Tuesday"or my personal favorite...
"Valentines Day. #stillsingle #willbeforever #ijustwantaboyfriend #guessIcanbemyownvalentine #firstgradersgetmorepresentsthanmeandtheyareafraidofCOOTIES #wt#EFFFFFF."

Thank you, Taylor Forester, for that one. Honestly, I'm not huge on this whole day.  I mean the concept of it is sweet and fun.  But overall, I think it's just one of those holidays that many could do without (like the one's who make those pitiful statuses).  Maybe if there wasn't such hype on everything, I would enjoy it more.  I feel as if any holiday now, is becoming too big to handle.  These holidays become blown out of proportion, and not many people sit back and allow it to sink in. But then I thought, Valentine's Day, doesn't necessarily have to be about a certain special someone.  Valentine's Day is a day of love.  A day of reflecting and showing others how much you care and appreciate them.  So if you don't have the typical "valentine" that so many people are all mushy and gushy over. Stop and think. wait. I have friends right? (lets hope so) I have a family? or even someone I remotely care a little inkling about. Then show them how much you care for them! Express to them how much they mean to you, because I'm pretty sure everyone who's anyone loves to feel cared for & appreciated. 

And if you're wondering about me? well yes, I have a Valentine, but sadly he's working out of town, so this little one will have to do.

Happy Valentine's Day <3


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