Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ramblings at Midnight

Sooo considering it is the last week of February, and I am two months into school, that means I have two months left of my second year of college. It is mind blowing to me, where did the time go?! Okay. Focusing back on the middle of the semester type issue here...would leave me to tell you, that sadly, this week is midterms. I think this is the most exams I have had in a week. There are FOUR big ones. I'm not just talkin 'studying the night before and cram kind of exam', I'm talkin 'essays due at midnight the night before to go WITH your exam kind of deal'. It's exhausting to say the least, and what do I decide to do before my biggest test of the week? Procrastinate and surf the web. Okay, well maybe not surf the web, but I do get on youtube so I can put a little laughter in my life before I bore myself with the six civilizations of the ancient world. I think I might be on the verge of a breakdown, but I tend to work myself up over silly things like tests or grades in general, so it's normal. Then, I try to remind myself, "Oo it's college, who cares? When will I ever have the chance to live life the way I am now?", but that only works for a second because I can never free myself from actually caring A LOT about how I do in school.

On a side note, we got FIVE NEW GATEWOOD YOUNGLIFE LEADERS!!!! Praise the Lord!! I am so excited. SO excited, our family is growing so big, and it makes my heart so happy. We already have a weekend getaway lake trip planned to have bonding time. More on that later...

Before my friends & I went to see what leaders were placed at what schools, my funny friend showed me this hilarious one year old baby interview. I mean, I'm not sure if your humor is the same as mine, but I found it really funny. I just think pretty much anything to do with kids is funny/adorable, so I'm sorry if this was a waste, & I'm sorry so many things on my blog so far have to deal with babies and kids, but what can I say I just melt! Enjoy this sweet video.

Happy Early Leap Year Day!!!!