Friday, September 28, 2012


Now my last two posts have been about celebrities, but I'm not apologizing for it. These are real people, and these are my real feelings that I need to heres to my love of Katy. Katy Perry that is.

I recently watched the Katy Perry with one of my dear friends Jacqueline. We ended up falling even more in love with this genius of a person and shed a few tears along the way. I've always loved her voice and her songs are ALWAYS the go to songs in my car with the windows down when I'm driving with or without people. She's always seemed a bit odd to me, but now I know why. Her parents were a little coo-coo.

Katy didn't just come up out of nowhere with a one hit wonder, she started from the ground up. One label Katy was at didn't believe in her originality, and so they let her go. One lady that worked for this label stole the files to Katy Perry and took them to Capitol Records which is where she is now signed to making the big bucks. Sucks for Columbia records.

I mean who looks good in blue hair?

Katy does.
Who looks good with pink hair?
Katy does
I will say she is a little strange at times, but I just think she is adorable.

She not only can pull off anything, she also is extremely talented as an artist. Katy Perry was the FIRST female with FIVE number 1 U.S singles from one album (second in history). I'm pretty sure the first person ever to do this was Michael Jackson. I'm impressed. Are you impressed now?

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