Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The past two months of my life have probably been the busiest, craziest, stressful, exciting months in my whole life. I started student teaching 4th grade for seven weeks with a full 18 hr course load!!!! ahhh all I can think about right now is sleep. Someone please give me sleep!!!! here are some pics to summarize some of the craziness while I work on a lesson plan......
Reunited with my sweet friends
My big & my saving grace
drove to athens with these fools to see sean play
my sweet luc came with us to athens too!
never ending dates with my adorable friend kelsey
Lucy turns 20!!!!!!!!!
Forever roomie. Forever besties. Forever blake reynolds fans.
went to younglife beach retreat in ocean isle, north carolina!!!
THIS GIRL (left) came into town for a short and sweet visit!!!! COME BACK!! and beautiful tiana on the right :)
Always & forever with my little tatum.
Happy tuesday!!! XX

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