Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Fall, Ya'll!!

Fall is here, and I am so excited!! Scarves, boots, cardigans, pumpkins, Starbucks, blankets, and beautiful changing leaves!! I LOVE FALL!! I am so excited that there is a chill in the air, and we are getting closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving...which means we are also closer to CHRISTMAS!! I can't get ahead of myself though...I have a lot going on before Christmas break.

Don't get your hopes up...this is no tutorial...just me, obsessing over things like fall, ombre wreaths...But how awesome is this?? There's a website that lists over FIFTY different DIY wreaths. Pretty awesome...I guess I'll plug it, since I took her wreath picture and all...DIY wreaths
The last couple weeks have flown by, and I think it's about to get even faster. I do want to take a couple minutes to RAVE about a wedding I was able to attend because it just so happened to be my boyfriend's sister!! It was the cutest/craftiest wedding I've been to on plantation land near Charleston, SC. Lindsay's colors were yellow and gray and they were accented fabulously about the wedding. Two things that caught my eye though...1. Kids table (who would have thought?!) & 2. A candy bar! AND every candy was either yellow or gray...perfect. Between her mom and brother singing her down the aisle, and dancing with my new 6 year old boy friend, I'm pretty sure it was a night to remember. Here are some snapshots...

YAYY! Happy newly married life Lindsay Dammeyer!!

Ps. A couple days after we drove home...the Mcconnell's got MORE beautiful news. The precious little 2-yr-old girl that has been in the process for about a year now of being adopted is HOME in the states!!! You can read about that here!!!


O and Ps Ps. I love my greek family.

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